Be a Worksite Health Sleuth

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Now that you're in charge of a wellness program for your workplace, it's time to put those Sherlock Holmes skills to good use. Notice the healthy and not-so-healthy details of your worksite. You can make a plan to change them.

What can you do to make your worksite a healthier environment?
You’ve got plenty of opportunities to promote health right under your own nose.

  • Have you checked your vending machines lately? Chances are your employees have. Ask your local vendors about healthier grab-and-go options like yogurt, granola bars, fruit and other healthy snacks.
  • Got stairs? Anyone using them? Remind your employees they’ve got great, free cardio devices at their disposal. Encourage them to use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk during lunch and pass up close parking spots for ones farther away.
  • Bagels again? Who orders the food for company meetings? Next time, why not trade in the old stand-bys for healthier substitutes including salads, yogurt, veggies or trail mix.
  • Send reminders. What can you remind employees to do immediately? How’s their posture at their desks? Are keyboards designed to avoid carpal tunnel? Are employees lifting heavy objects correctly? You can’t send too many tips and reminders about being healthy and avoiding injuries.
  • Do employees know where to go for extra help? Make sure they know who to turn to if stress or substance abuse problems arise. Post employee assistance program notices in plain sight including hallways, break rooms and cafeterias.
  • Create a tobacco-free workplace. You can use rewards to motivate your employees to quit smoking and suggest programs to help them stop.