9 Steps to Launch Your Wellness Program

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You've made your business case. You're ready to start or continue with a wellness program. Now what?

1. Identify the behaviors or conditions you're targeting.

  • What are critical health issues for employees? Pull relevant data from online health assessments, screenings, claims or utilization reports to help. Survey employees for health goals and ideal ways to reach them.
  • Is this for employees only? Spouses? Dependents? A certain segment like low-risk or high-risk?

2. Define the program's short-term and long-term goal.

  • Make goals specific, measurable, flexible and achievable.
  • Line them up with your corporate goals, vision, values or mission.

3. Develop wellness program values and mission statement.

  • Include primary functions or activities, purpose and stakeholders.

4. Build a project plan.

  • Include budget, timelines and implementation strategy.
  • Budget for events and promotions such as posters or program incentives.

5. Create a marketing strategy and tactics.

  • Employ a variety of media — email, social and print. The key is to know your employee population and what forms of communication work for them.
  • Take key barriers such as time, logistics and negative perceptions into consideration. Address them with marketing efforts.
  • Use our health education materials to keep wellness top of mind. 

6. Present to leadership for buy-in and participation. Seek legal approval for compliance.

7. Target potential champions, team captains or ambassadors throughout organization and invite them to join in.

  • Assign team member roles and responsibilities.
  • Choose a combination of management, front-line staff and employees from each part of the company with every level of fitness. If you have multiple locations, cultivate a champion at each site.

8. Identify program evaluation and measurement. You can use:

  • Number of registrants and participants.
  • Surveys and pre-/post-questionnaires for feedback.
  • Aggregate data/reports from screenings and online assessments.
  • Attendance, sick leave usage and turnover.

9. You’re ready to launch your wellness program.

  • Share your success stories with us and throughout the company.