Wellness in the Workplace

Infographic: Why Wellness at Work

Learn about issues in the workplace and how effective workplace wellness programs can help employees to improve and maintain better health. 

9 Steps to Launch Your Wellness Program

You've made your business case. You're ready to start or continue with a wellness program. Now what? Identify the behaviors or conditions you're targeting. What are critical health issues for employees? Pull relevant data from online health assessments, screenings, claims or utilization reports to help. Survey employees for health goals and... Read More

A Top-down Approach Can Help Your Program Succeed

Your employees are listening and watching. And when you have leadership buy-in and participation, employees listen and act. The most successful wellness programs have management leading the way to build a culture of health and well-being that starts at the top and branches out throughout a company. Anchor your wellness plan goal to a corporate... Read More

Best Practices For Building a Culture of Wellness

Just having a wellness program in place doesn't guarantee it will succeed. Try these ideas to help employees stay on target: Align worksite policies and your program. For example, what's your employee break policy? Do you have a company policy on smoking to tie into your stop smoking program offering? Do you have a walking program and walking... Read More

Be a Worksite Health Sleuth

Now that you're in charge of a wellness program for your workplace, it's time to put those Sherlock Holmes skills to good use. Notice the healthy and not-so-healthy details of your worksite. You can make a plan to change them. What can you do to make your worksite a healthier environment? You’ve got plenty of opportunities to promote health... Read More

Do Incentives Really Work?

The answer is yes. Participation rates can increase rapidly. Depending on the incentive you offer they can go up 40% to 45%.1 For example, a moderate cash incentive of $25 to $75 may bring as much as 30% to 50% participation, while a significant cash incentive, $100 to $500, may bring as much as 70% to 80%.1 Be aware there are federal and state... Read More

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