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We are offering employee-focused, health & wellness webinars, free to all of your

employees! These webinars are led by licensed physicians and other health

professionals. Please see the list of topics below.

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2014 Member Webinar Series. Click HERE to be sent to the registration web site. 


May 13 (2 times) -  Substance Abuse

The abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances continues to be a serious problem. It affects the health and safety of those who abuse the substances as well as the people around them. Learn about the signs of abuse and ways of dealing with the problem.


August 26 (2 times) -  Obesity and Weight Management 

Your weight doesn’t always reflect your health. But your body mass index – based on your weight and height – can be linked to your risk for heart disease, diabetes and other health problems. Weight is a sensitive topic, and obesity is a hard problem to solve. Start by educating yourself about weight management.


November 11 (2 times) -  Telemedicine

The use of technology in medicine is no longer limited to procedures and treatments. Doctors and hospitals now interact with patients through video, smartphones, email and other electronic devices. As these practices become more common, it’s important to understand what they mean to your health and privacy.